Internet Marketing starts with a solid foundation of website design, ensuring once your customers find your website, they take action. But how do they find you?

Social Media Management

One of the most powerful and effective strategies in your marketing toolbox is utilizing social media. When managing our client's social media portfolio the focus is on creating and posting regular unique content. Because engagement is the name of the game in the social media world, we put most of our effort into responding to your fans, followers and subscribers. Whether it be simply answering questions about your products or services or creating advertising campaigns or taking advantage of contests and giveaways to grow your brand. In addition, we implement a number of tools to help track your reach and performance increasing our efforts in solidifying your online marketing approach.

Online Reputation Management

When someone does a search for your company online, what will they find?
Your reputation consists of everything you post and do online, but more importantly what other people post and think about your company. More often than not, misleading information, bad reviews, competitor posts and outdated content can lead to a vicious cycle and ultimately tarnish your valuable name. As PR and tech gurus we can help build up your reputation and protect your brand through our Online Reputation Management.

Business Listings

If you’re a local business owner whether it be online or a brick and mortar store, you need to be taking advantage of local business listings. We help set up and maintain your business listings on websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yelp.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the easiest and most popular way to advertise and market your business online. It is also very effective and inexpensive. A simple contact form and follow up email is a sure fire way to close a sale on a prospective customer.